• We use a reflective insulation under the metal siding and roof.  This insulation has an r-factor of approximately R-11 and when used along with additional insulation in the wall cavity and ceiling, provides for an extremely energy efficient home that will provide a lifetime of savings.  This insulation is called Solarguard and is manufactured by Guardian building Products. More info at
  • The perimeter walls of our homes are 7 ½” deep and a variety of different types of insulation can be used.  Fiberglass batt insulation is the most common and is available in R-19 and R-22.  Several different types of spray insulation can also be used; fiberglass, wet spray, or foam.
  • The ceilings will typically have an R-35 sprayed in fiberglass insulation.  This can be upgraded to add more r-factor.


  • Ridge Vent: We use continuous ventilation under the ridge cap to allow great airflow the attic space. This is completely weather proof and comes with a 40 year limited warranty from the manufacturer. More infor at
  • Gable Vent: We use vinyl gable vents for additional ventilation in the attic space. Metal gable vents to match the siding are also available.
  • Vented Metal Soffit: We use a vented metal soffit panel and metal fascia. This is maintenance free trim that will not require any painting and allows great ventilation to the attic space of the home. We have many colors to choose from.