Q: What is a Post-Frame Home? 
A: A post-frame home uses 5x5 or 6x6 solid sawn posts that are set in the ground approximately 3’ deep; and typically set on 8' to 10’ centers. These posts are fully treated and set in protective sleeves to provide additional protection from decay. A top plate that is attached to the posts on the exterior and the 2x6 perimeter stud walls are used for support of the engineered trusses. The trusses are attached to the wall with hurricane clips in addition to standard fasteners. Wall girts wrap the exterior of the structure for attachment of the siding. 

Q: What makes a Post-Frame Home so energy efficient? 
A: Post-Frame Homes have a 7 1/2" perimeter wall cavity that allows an R-19 to R-40 insulation to be used in the exterior walls. The ceiling typically has R-35 insulation. We also use an R-11 reflective insulation under all of the metal on the walls and the roof.

Q: Can other materials be used on the exterior besides metal? 
A: Metal is typically used on the exterior because it is cost effective and low maintenance. We often use brick or Cultures Stone as an accent, wainscoting, or for the entire wall. We can also used cedar board-n-batten, Hardie siding, vinyl siding, and/or a composite shingle roof.

Q: How do I find a floor plan that I like? 
We have several floor plans that we have designed over the years.  Many of these plans can be viewed on the website.  We can also customize a design to meet your needs, or use a plan that you provide. 

Q: Can a Post-Frame Home be built on a concrete slab? 
A: It is best to have the posts set in the ground, since the posts act as pier and creates a tremendous amount of structural integrity.  We can also build on the slab, but may chose to eliminate the posts and use the perimeter stud walls to support the wall girts and siding.

Do your homes require a concrete footing?
A: A concrete footing is not mandatory for post-frame homes, but we typically provide a 12” x 12” continuous concrete footing with rebar reinforcement for additional strength.  We also use a 2x10 perimeter form board with a concrete sheet notch for the metal siding, if requested.

Q: Can you build a two-story Post-Frame Home? 
 Yes, but keep in mind that the exterior walls will be much taller and/or the roof pitch will be much steeper than the standard 4/12 roof pitch.  This will add additional expense, when compared to a ranch style home.

Q: How long does it take to build these homes? 
 The time frame to begin construction is based on the current number of projects on our schedule.  We can typically have the exterior of the home completed within 30 days and a turn-key home can be completed in 120 to 150 days.