• We use 5”x5” or 6”x6” solid sawn treated posts. These posts are typically set in Post-Protectors for a life-time of protection. We use 2x6 perimeter studs and 2x4 internal studs, set on 2’ centers.
  • We use factory-built, engineered trusses, set on 2’ centers. Typical ceiling height is 8’ or 9’, with optional cathedral ceilings and boxed ceilings.
  • We use R-11 reflective insulation under the metal. The posts and 2x6 perimeter studs create a 7 ½” deep wall cavity, which allows another R-19 to R-40 insulation to be used. The ceiling will typically have an additional R-35 of insulation.
  • We use 29 or 26 gauge metal roof and siding. Our metal is #1 primary American-made with a 40-year manufacturer’s limited warranty. We have several colors to choose from; color charts and color samples are available for approval. Insurance discounts are typically available for metal roofing, which will provide years of savings.

     Legacy Homes currently services 9 states with our Exterior Shell option; Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraska.  The Exterior Shell +Plus option (which includes concrete and/or interior stud walls) is available within 200 miles of our office.  The Turn-Key option is available within 50 miles of our office.

Option 1 – Exterior Shell:
We can build the exterior shell, including; the exterior doors, windows, reflective insulation (under metal). Metal siding and roof, vented metal soffit, and porches.

Option 2 – Exterior Shell+Plus:
Same as Option 1, plus the following; concrete floor, concrete footing, pre-treatment. Stud walls are optional.

Option 3 – Turn-Key:
Same as Option 2, plus the following; all interior finishes, plumbing, electric, HVAC, interior doors and trim, sheetrock, cabinets, countertops, flooring, painting, appliances. This option includes R-19 insulation in the perimeter wall cavity and R-35 in the ceiling. Allowances are provided for several items. This option is only available within 50 miles of our home office in Fort Gibson, OK.

Additional Items Available:
Excavation, septic system, connection to services, masonry, custom trim, custom cabinets, granite or solid surface countertops, gutters and downspouts, fireplace, porches, sidewalks, driveways, garage, carport, and more...